About Us

Welcome to Apna School Bus

Have you ever faced challenges in finding safe and reliable school bus/van services? Are you tired of finding or locating a suitable school bus for your child? Did you ever get good options for the money you spend on school transportation?

  • As a parent, we feel this way when the schools re-opens, we don’t have choices and choose the same old school bus/van in spite of not happy with his services.
  • Crowded school bus /vans, Rude behaviour of drivers, rash driving of drivers which puts children at risk, expensive rates charged by schools which leave a parent with no options…….But no more.
  • It’s time to change. We, along with a team of like-minded individuals, founded SCUBUS in 2022. Our vision and mission are clear. We want to organise the School Transportation and empower Parents, Schools and Transporters.


1) To be the leading provider of customer-centric school transportation solutions, creating a safe and convenient journey for every child.

2) To empower parents and provide peace of mind by offering a seamless and secure school transportation experience that ensures the safety, convenience, and well-being of their children.


1) Our mission is to create a harmonious ecosystem that brings together parents, transporters, and schools, delivering exceptional school transportation solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.

2) Our mission is to empower parents, schools, and transporters by providing a customer-centric platform that offers seamless, safe, and reliable school transportation services. We aim to prioritize the needs and preferences of our customers, delivering exceptional experiences and fostering trust and satisfaction in every interaction. Through innovation and collaboration, we strive to create a transparent and efficient ecosystem that meets the evolving demands of the school transportation industry.